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McRae Motors

We want to demonstrate that McRae Motors are committed to their region as much as they are to delivering cars that enable people from all walks of life to pursue their lifestyle with a car that makes it easy.

From just getting through the day to day, to working and playing McRae Motors love our region and want our community to explore and love it as well.

Television Commercials

Manufacturers spend a lot of time and money creating beautiful television commercials for their vehicles. As a regional dealer, there was simply no need to us to go out and reproduce this.

Using local talent and locations at the start of every commercial, we’re still able to firmly ground each commercial in our region. These introductions had to be shot to a high standard in order to seemlessly blend with footage from manufacturers.


Every scene shot for the television commercials also included still photography. This allows us to extend the campaign to a variety of other mediums while working with native still images, not stills taken from video content.