2016 Christmas Party

Recently our D.M staff & partners celebrated the annual office Christmas party in style at the Wodonga Turf Club’s 2016 Wodonga Cup

After a big long year we thought this would be a great way of rewarding the staff by organising a fully catered marquee.

The day was a hoot & everyone looked amazing & truly got into the spirit of the occasion. After spending so many hours working together over the year it was good to put down the tools for an afternoon & enjoy each other’s company.

I personally love going to the races & this cup meet was something special. The atmosphere was terrific, the catering was 1st class, & the crowds were well behaved. I’m sure this day would have taken a lot of organising & planning so hats off to W.T.C CEO Tom O’Connor & his staff for making this day a memorable one.

We all had so much fun; I reckon we might pencil this one in for next year.

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